Billingham Mine

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Part of SES, the Special Projects team is at the forefront of specialised shaft engineering. And, as our Shaft Work team has learned over the years: sometimes, you have to delve deeper to give clients what they really need. In the case of chemical company ICI, that meant re-opening their previously inactivated Billingham mine - using a unique shaft solution, designed in-house at SES. 

SES's Shaft Work team created innovative underground towers: man-access platforms installed deep below the earth's surface, complete with integral safety features and communication system. SES also installed concrete winder pads, winding engines, and ventilation shafts. The project enjoyed a zero-incident rate, and was delivered on-time and to-budget: proving that with SES, shaft work safety and innovation go hand-in-hand.


I am delighted to inform you that after being entered into the Studies and Research category of the EMMA awards, the Billingham Anhydrite Project was awarded first prize.  This is in recognition of the high standards achieved by the whole team.  Thank you to everyone involved.

John Ottaway, Director, White, Young, Green.