King Edwards Bridge Civil Works

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SES Rail were asked to assist with the provision of three new OHLE stanchion bases, one new signal base for the King Edwards Bridge South Junction S & C renewal. The work needed to be completed in a very short timescale, the structures needed to be in position on the new bases within 6 weeks of the initial enquiry, this was further complicated by the delays in the supply of the design from Amey’s design sub-contractor and very limited access time (8 hrs possession).

As can be seen from the photo above two of the bases where on top of an existing retaining wall again making access difficult. SES and Amey’s civil engineers worked closely together to develop the construction method to be used to ensure the tight timescales where met.

SES provided all on tack plant required during the works, operated under our Plant Operators Scheme. We also provided all manpower required at all skill levels including setting out engineers shuttering joiners and ground workers along with all the required railway personal and handback engineer

The project was completed on time with no accidents or incidents all possessions where handed back on time and the OHLE structures were erected a week early than the original plan, making the project a success for all parties.