UK Coal Pumping Stations

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In 2015 SES were awarded a contract by UK Coal Ltd to decommission five pumping stations as part of the mine closure at Thoresby Colliery. Formerly deep mines in their own right, after production had ceased the mine shafts at each of the five locations were converted to pumping stations to protect Thoresby Colliery from flooding. With the closure of Thoresby Colliery imminent and therefore the requirement to pump water from the connected mine workings no longer required UK Coal engaged SES to decommission the sites at Creswell Colliery, Hartington Colliery, Langwith Colliery, Oxcroft Colliery and Williamthorpe Colliery. 

At an average depth of 450m and diameter of 4.7m the mine shafts presented a challenging environment with the presence of methane gas also providing additional significant risks if not controlled properly. To decommission the sites it was necessary to remove large submersible pumps and steel pipes from within the shafts. With the heaviest pump and pipe assembly weighing 54 tonnes and site conditions restricting access, SES used a 350 tonne crane to remove the pumping equipment.

After the pumping equipment had been removed, SES fitted additional steel platforms over the mine shafts to provide a temporary supporting shutter arrangement. SES then constructed reinforced concrete slabs to permanently seal the shafts off to enable the sites to be redeveloped in the future.

In addition to technical support, operational management, skilled operatives and all materials, SES also provided the design element for the temporary and permanent works.

SES' Special Projects played a key role in delivering the project for the client, completing all construction activities to a high standard whilst ensuring health and safety compliance at all times.  The project was delivered under critical time constraints ahead of programme and under budget. Furthermore, SES' Special Projects proactively managed, supervised and involved various other project stakeholders, including the sub-contractors to ensure the project ran efficiently.