Cross Rail Bond Street

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SES' Special Projects were awarded the contract to spray shotcrete over the head and side brackets at the New Bond Street Cross Rail underground station to prevent any smoke migrating from an explosion or fire in the tunnels onto the platform.

The station consisted of two platforms east and west, 250m in length on each platform head and side brackets had been installed full length of the platform this meant 500m of brackets to spray in each tunnel total to spray 1000m.

The average gap from bracket to the tunnel wall was 80mm this varied from 150mm down to 25mm wooden shutters had to be scribed to the contours of the tunnel wall then fitted to the back of the brackets to form a stop end to spray shotcrete up to.

Shotcrete NatCem 513 was applied using a compressed air REED Sova Gunite Dry Shotcrete Machine The spraying machine is connected to the compressor using a 50mm 20bar air hose,the sprayed concrete material is loaded into the machine dry in 25kg bags and conveyed to the nozzle using compressed air it is applied by water being added at the nozzle of the dry grout line and shot at low pressure into the area required . Once the sprayed shotcrete has been applied to fill the void the exposed face was cut level with the steel using a trowel

      Another successfull job safely delivered to our clients satisfaction.