Installation of Stacker Conveyor

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Part of SES, the Special Projects team is at the forefront of specialised mechanical and electrical services. SES' Special Projects Mechanical and Electrical experts support the leading lights of British industry - and international leaders, too. When Norwegian coal mining giant Store Norske needed to install a stacker conveyor at its Sveagruva mine in the Arctic Circle, SES was the obvious choice.

The site presented significant challenges: like constant blizzards, temperatures as low as -25°C, frozen ground, and deep snows. So, our M&E team made extensive use of mobile elevated platforms, and used cranes to move every single component. The finished installation weighed a total of 180 tonnes, measuring an impressive 40 metres high and 92 metres long. In other words: all in a day's work.


Please pass on our thanks to all the SES staff for their efforts during the continuing installation at Spitsbergen.

Steve Tyler, Managing Director, Joy (Sunderland).