Cold Hiendley Reservoir

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SES were contracted to undertake several different jobs at Cold Hiendley Reservoir:-

Make modifications to the dam spillway to mitigate the risk of the reservoir dam collapsing by lowering the level of the water. A new base and walls were constructed as part of the modifications.

Strengthen a footbridge adjacent to the reservoir. This footbridge is used by the public and is on a route popular with walkers and cyclists and SES managed the interface between the public and the construction works without any disruption.

Undertake the drilling and back wall grouting of the dam draw down culvert to both stabilise and seal the lining of the culvert which had been allowing water to leak from the reservoir. SES deemed the culvert to be a confined space thus requiring strict control measures to ensure the safety of its workforce.

Cold Hiendley Reservoir is the habitat for a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna, requiring significant sensitive environmental considerations and conservation, which was managed successfully.