Holloway Road to Finsbury Park

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SES are contracted to provide labour to carry out maintenance works on the, Northern, Jubilee and the Piccadilly Lines.

Gang 21 is a 19 man Gang which consists of 2 Site Persons in Charge, 16 Skilled Plate Layers and 1 PWTEH.

Gang 22 is a 17 man Gang which includes 2 Site Persons in Charge, 14 Skilled Platelayers and 1 Protection Master

Both Gangs work 6 days a week and when needed they cover Possessions

The works carried out at Holloway Road are Intermediate and Spot Sleeper renewals, Upgrade from Wooden to Concrete sleepers and general fettling of the rail. Both gangs have also installed 1500 Metres of walkboards throughout the site

This is completed each night within 4hrs, which includes up to 5 sleepers renewed, 4 Insulated pots changed Walkboards removed and repaired. Mobilisation and de-mobilisation of work site also takes place which can include the use of Engineering Trains within excess of 100 tonnes of Tecroc and Boff.